LightWave Video Tutorials

Gamma Correction & Linear Workflow

Quicktime H.264, 15.4MB | 16mins

A Beginners Explanation of Gamma Correction and Linear Workflow in 3D

Modelling Weld Joints

Quicktime H.264, 51.7MB | 9mins

A quick technique for modelling weld joints on mechanical objects

Using the sIBL plugin

Quicktime H.264, 32MB | 13mins

Overview of Christian Bloch's awesome sIBL plugin

Sunsky & Sunspot

Quicktime H.264, 194MB | 36mins

A detailed look at Denis Pontonnier's Sunsky Plugin in conjunction with the SunSpot Motion Modifier

Brushed Metal using the Node Editor

Quicktime H.264, 32.3MB | 22mins

Explores the Node Editor to create a brushed metal appearance

Exploring the SSS2 Node Shader

Quicktime H.264, 20.9MB | 13mins

A look at understanding the SSS2 Shader in the Node Editor

Exploring the Sigma Node Shader

Quicktime H.264, 86.2MB | 42mins

Experimenting with the Sigma Node Shader

Importing SolidWorks Models into LightWave

Quicktime H.264, 120MB | 25mins

A look at the various methods for importing SolidWorks models into LightWave.

Strand Modeler Guide Editing Tips

Quicktime H.264, 10MB | 5mins

Shows a few tips when working with FiberFX Strand Modeler

Creating Tinsel using FiberFX Modeler

Quicktime H.264, 32.4MB | 8mins

Shows a quick to model Tinsel using FiberFX Modeler

Setting up ScreamerNet for Windows

AVI TSSC, 13.2MB | 14mins

How to setup ScreamerNet on Windows. An accompanying PDF can be downloaded here.

How to Import EPS Files into LightWave Modeler

Quicktime H.264, 6MB | 6mins

Explains the process for importing Illustrator EPS / AI files into LightWave Modeler

Using LightWave to Build Animations from Frames

Quicktime H.264, 36.2MB | 8mins

Shows how to use LightWave itself to build a movie file from a sequence of frames

Theming Tips for LightWave CORE

Quicktime H.264, 46.5MB | 12mins

A few tips to make theming LightWave CORE easier